Tour De France 2016

The guys over at Global Cycling Network really know how to explain what is going in cycling. I really like their YouTube channel as they update it all the time. This weekend is the beginning of the Tour De France and I’m thinking about purchasing the NBC gold cycling pass. For $30 you get to watch the Tour De France, Vuelta a Espana, Paris Nice and Paris Roubaix. Best part of the whole deal is no ads and you get to see the riders biometrics. What better way to stoke up the training than to watch how the pros do it.

Day 8 of the 21 day Superhero Challenge

All in all, I’m digging this challenge of no sugar, booze or grains. I’ve been trying to drink about a gallon of water a day which has been working. La Croix carbonated water has been my crux especially the mango flavor.

I have also been using “Jay Robbs” Whey Protein which is sugarless. Making smoothies is pretty easy as the powder isn’t overwhelming and I feel more full as the day goes on. is a great website if you’re looking for any kind of supplements. I have found things on there that are way cheaper than any store here in Jackson.





21 day Superhero Challenge: Day 1

6:15am marked  the beginning of a 21 day journey called the, “Superhero Challenge.” Emily Schromm a personal trainer out of Denver, Colorado designed the program. Basically, no sugar, alcohol or grains for three weeks. 21 days of videos to learn about health and nutrition, grocery lists, and “points” to stay accountable.

What is the points system entail?

*Did you drink enough water?
*Did you eat any sugar?
*Did you have some alcohol?
*Did you have any non-Challenge approved grains?
*Did you eat too close to bed time?
*Did you exercise or mobilize for at least ten minutes?
*Did you take fish oil?
*Did you watch the daily video?

Day 1 Breakfast


Day 1 Ride goal: 100 miles, high cadence using “small ring” as much as possible. Today’s forecast is for little wind and trying to stay mostly on the flats. Below is most of what I’m carrying minus three fried eggs and a pre-ride protein shake.


Igneous Skis Are Built Just for You

As a robotics engineer at Carnegie Melon, Mike Parris developed technology used on the Mars rover expeditions. He later took his mechanical expertise and applied it to building custom skis with friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Now, Parris tailors around 100 pairs of skis each season to the individual needs and wants of customers, personalizing how each rider interfaces with the mountains and how people connect with his company, Igneous Skis

2016 Tour of Flanders, Full Race!

The Tour of Flanders (Dutch: Ronde van Vlaanderen), also known as De Ronde (“The Tour”), is an annual road cycling race held in Belgium every spring. The most important cycling race in Flanders, it is part of the UCI World Tour and organized by Flanders Classics. Its nickname is Vlaanderens Mooiste (Dutch for “Flanders’ Finest”). In 2016 the 100th edition of the race is held, anticipated by a highly mediatized promotional campaign.

Today it is one of the five monuments of cycling, together with Milan–San Remo, Paris–Roubaix, Liège–Bastogne–Liège and the Giro di Lombardia. It is one of the two major Cobbled classics together with Paris–Roubaix, which is on the calendar one week after the Tour of Flanders. The event had its only interruptions during World War I and is organized without hiatus since 1919, the longest uninterrupted streak of any cycling classic.

Six men hold the record of most victories, making the Tour of Flanders unique among the major classics. Belgians Achiel Buysse, Eric Leman, Johan Museeuw and Tom Boonen, Italian Fiorenzo Magni and Swiss Fabian Cancellara each have three victories.