Playing around with Gaia Mapping

I enjoy looking at maps. My favorite is google Earth because you can fly somewhere though your computer and zoom into a specific area and see what it looks like from a lot of different angles. I remember seeing my first topographic map as a kid and it seemed so confusing.

The intricacies of moving through the mountains on skis and looking at the surrounding peaks, couloirs, vast bowls, tightly spaced trees, and steep cliff bands is a constantly changing environment. As a skier seeking new terrain full of untouched areas and the silence of the woods has pushed me to use more mapping tools.

Last winter I started using Gaia GPS on my cell phone. It’s a nice tool to see exactly where you are in real time. I hope to use it more as we get more snow here in the Tetons and I am able to push into new terrain. Here is a quick tour from today on Edelweiss.